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Building tax-efficient plans in minutes

Collect. Compute. 

Compare. Connect.

Our web-based solution allows you to collect through your website or email link the information needed to create custom retirement plan illustrations. Make complex plans easier to comprehend and reduce objections for a quicker close.  Designs can be prepared by the subscriber or by our design partners. Get new clients faster with confidence.  Our designs offer customization to fit the needs of the sponsor and clearly represent plan costs,  the tax savings to the company and principals, and the long-term benefits of the plan.


A Complete Toolkit

The platform is built to provide a spectrum of qualified retirement plan proposal options, with presentations designed for the client in-mind. Easy capture of case and census data, followed by rapid calculation of preset and manual plan configurations, lead to fast turnaround for prospective plan sponsors and their advisors.

Keep it simple

Employing a streamlined approach to creating the plan and providing the best illustrations year after year is key to acquiring and retaining clients.  Using our web-based technology will simplify your processes and our design partners to build the design so you can focus on selling more plans and increasing profitability.

Advantages and Features

  • Landing pages for your consultants/agents to gather the necessary information for the plan illustrations.
  • Census data – easy excel spreadsheet templates for download and upload
  • Detailed proposal questionnaire to collect information on entity type, other businesses owned, and contact data.
  • Once data is received, email alerts are transmitted to notify designated users that a proposal has been requested.
  • Through Pension Pro – Sales Pitch Integration, the system creates contact records and tracks proposals based on the collected information.
  • Provides multiple illustration designs based on the data including 401(k), PS (pro-rata, integrated, and new comparability), cash balance, and traditional defined benefit plans.
  • Standard comparison preferences allow for proposal generation of three illustrations in a single computation selection. 
  • Optimize allocation based on key, highly compensated, and/or preferred employees.
  • Collect data from your project management solution, data collection portal, or administration solution through Pension Pro's Sales Pitch Integration.
  • Side-by-side comparison costs and benefits
  • Customize reports through dynamic images including logo, headers, and footer customized for each consultant/agent in the enterprise.
  • Easy to ready reports reduce objections for a quicker close.
  • Compose plan design summaries just as easily.
  • Credentialed design partners to assist with complex designs customized for the plan sponsor to meet their needs.
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